steve brierley's

talks and affiliations

I'm a co-organiser of the Heilbronn quantum algorithms day in Bristol (25 April 2013) and also organised last years event


I've been lucky enought to visit and give talks at the quantum information groups in

Bristol - Brussels - CalTech - Cambridge - Leeds - UCL - York


and have given talks at conferences and workshops ...

A Remarkable Representation of the Clifford Group, Quantum Information Sciences Workshop, University of Oxford, March 2012.

Constructing mutually unbiased bases, Quantum Theory: Reconsideration of Foundations Conference, Vaxjo Sweeden, June 2009.

Mutually unbiased bases in dimension 6, QNET meeting, Edinburgh, Dec 2008.

Mutually unbiased bases in dimension 6, White Rose Quantum Information meeting, Leeds, Dec 2008.

Maximally entangled pure states, QNET meeting, Royal Society London, Dec 2007.

Maximally entangled pure states, White Rose Quantum Information Processing Meeting, Bradford, May 2007.